Professional Testimonials

Karuna Sessions was such a rich, nurturing, safe & warm experience.  To be nurtured and held by two women brought me into a deep relaxation that I have not experienced for a long time.  I could let go of control for 45 min and that was very healing for me.

- Nicole Verwey

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

As a clinical therapist that specializes in sexuality, I emphasize the power of touch; it is perhaps my greatest tool to demonstrate the disconnect from the body that is pervasive in our culture. Due to licensure and ethical requirements by my profession, I am limited in the type of touch that I can provide and this is precisely where Karuna Sessions is most beneficial. I highly recommend Karuna Sessions be considered when serving those who are starved for touch. Epiphany Jordan has demonstrated the utmost professionalism in matters of confidentiality and a deep understanding of the fragility of the psyche and the awesome power of touch.

The power of touch for humans cannot be understated.  Perhaps, touch is the most necessary of the five senses therefore the most difficult to live without.... The lack or complete absence of touch leads to a hardening, literally a callous of the body both inside and out and we develop ‘skin hunger’ or sort of skin starvation; babies have it, kids have it, teenagers definitely have it (lucky them!). I hear from countless adults that touch - intentional touch between and among adult friends or partner(s) in particular - is nearly non-existent in their daily lives.  

The time is NOW! Opening the therapeutic discussion of Karuna Sessions is one pathway that expands concepts of touch. As a result, other vital areas of the therapeutic relationship are cultivated. For example, clear boundaries are explored surrounding Karuna Sessions and my role as a therapist, intentions are developed with clients in the direction of their identified therapeutic goal(s), and greater intimacy is experienced through vulnerability and support. Karuna Sessions offer an interactional experience, where physical holding, caressing, rocking and spiritual nuzzling are allowed and invited.

State of Texas Board Approved Clinical Supervisor

Here is the milk of human kindness offered in a chalice of devotion. Karuna Sessions go beyond compassion to nurturance of the spirit.  As a client, you are blessed, honored, respected, soothed, touched with intent, and cocooned by two mavens of mirth and joy.   When in your life have you experienced something so powerful?  Karuna Sessions are ideal for those who are touch-deprived, grieving, or in need of comfort.  I will be suggesting Karuna Sessions to my clients as a complement to therapy.

AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist

Touch: our first fully developed sense and the only one that does not diminish in the aging process. I received a note from a potential client: "I am needing to find a safe place to be touched. I need to feel that I still exist."

Thank you, Karuna Sessions, for the body, mind, spirit healing you bring to humanity. I am grateful to have had the experience and to have a referral resource for the walking wounded who daily find their way to my door.


Karuna Sessions is a treat for the soul. Epiphany and her practitioners are consummate professionals. I felt nurtured as I once was by my mother, and I left feeling incredibly fortified, grounded and most importantly, happy! Karuna Sessions should be made a part of any wellness program.

Sadie Smythe
Producer/Curator of BedPost Confessions
Open Relationship Guidance and Coaching