We are actively seeking scientists from a variety of disciplines to help us quantify our theories with empirical evidence. If you are interested in studying the Karuna Sessions method to document the efficacy of immersive touch for physical, mental and emotional wellness, we'd love to talk further. You can contact us here.

We here at Karuna Sessions labs have based our protocol on a wide range of biological and social science. Our theories are broad and diverse, and based on solid science (though the jury is still out about exactly how and why oxytocin works the way it does). Below you will find some of the studies that have gone into creating our unique brand of wellness.


Oxytocin is a hormone that occurs in all mammals. It is produced in the hypothalamus, which then sends it to the pituitary gland for storage. From there, it is released into the bloodstream. It is most frequently associated with childbirth and mother/infant bonding. (Oxytocin is Greek for "swift birth.") Not only does it help with cervical dilation and uterine contractions during the birth process, its presence also helps nursing mothers lactate. 

Of greatest interest to us is the effect of oxytocin on the physical body. There are many physiological benefits humans can gain by having more oxytocin coursing through their bodies, especially as we age. Benefits include:

Much research has been done with regard to the psychological effects of the hormone. It is often called the Trust Molecule or the Feel-Good Hormone. It has been researched as a potential treatment for autism, addiction and overeating. Psychological benefits include:

Not all of the findings on oxytocin are positive. It's...complicated and can create negative effects under certain circumstances. Among other things, it can:

Touch Therapy

Much of the oxytocin research cited was conducted with an intranasal oxytocin spray. Oxytocin is naturally generated in the human body via consensual touch. There are many research studies extolling the psychological, emotional and physical benefits of touch for people of all ages:


It's no secret that Americans are feeling more disconnected and isolated, even as social media connects us with people virtually. Turns out that loneliness has serious consequences for our health. Makes sense, since we are social animals by nature. A few reasons to foster solid relationships include:


Most of us deal with high amounts of stress in our daily lives. The cumulative effects on our brain and body can be drastic.


The nurturing and mothering we receive as infants has huge implications for neurological development and success in life as adults.