Mission and Vision

PhoPhoto by Trey Ratcliff

Mission Statement:

Karuna Sessions is an integrated approach to healing and health that offers an immersive experience of touch. By mimicking the feeling of an infant being held by its mother, we access the body's memory of safety, security and peace. Karuna Sessions alleviates suffering and offers relief to those seeking respite, relaxation, connection and comfort by embodying compassion and modeling healthy human connection.

Vision Statement:

Touch is a basic human need that enhances well-being and quality of life. Karuna Sessions believes that oxytocin internally generated through human touch is gentle, effective, abundant, safe and free, and should be an essential part of humanity's wellness regimen. We envision a future where nurturing, platonic touch is used as a component of treatment for a wide variety of mental and physical ailments, and recognized as a vital and integral part of the human experience.