Karuna Sessions are available by appointment only. Please let us know a few times/days that will work best for you when you contact us. We don't work weekends.

NOTE: We do not do same-day appointments, but we will try to get you in within a week of contact.


All sessions are conducted by two practitioners. 

New Client:

  • $165 for 75 minutes

Returning Client:

  • $135 for 75 minutes

  • $75 for 30 minutes 

We offer 75-minute sessions to returning clients in the following groups for $110:

  • People over 65

  • Parents of children under 18 months of age

  • Cancer patients currently undergoing treatment

  • Veterans

  • People with disabilities

  • Individuals caring for a spouse with Alzheimer or dementia

  • Transgender people


Most people require a session only once every 6-12 months. If you feel you need several sessions in a short period of time, or require regular sessions for maintenance, we can put together a custom package of sessions for you.

We accept credit cards, PayPal or BitCoin. Payment must be received in full before the session; we will not do transactions during your session. We do not accept cash under any circumstances.

Email us to set an appointment or if you have questions.