Karuna Sessions

Relax your body.

Reboot your mind.

Rejuvenate your heart.

Renew your spirit.

Karuna (kəru:nɑ) : (Sanskrit) compassion, an action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others.

Touch is fundamental and vital for human beings not only to survive, but to thrive. Striving to keep up, loneliness, loss or trauma can deprive us of opportunities to meet this universal need.  Life is full of moments where nothing can soothe like reassuring physical contact from another person.

A Karuna Session is a ritualized experience of human connection that culminates in the client being held between two practitioners in a way that mimics the feeling of being held by your mother as an infant. We can reconnect you to joy by offering you a space to receive comfort and tenderness. We offer this immersive touch therapy in our beautifully appointed, tranquil East Austin locale.

Allowing a stranger to touch you requires courage and vulnerability, and we take this responsibility seriously. Karuna Sessions’ primary practitioner, Epiphany Jordan, has been trained and certified by the Institute for Mind Body Therapy and can also work with psychotherapists for our clients who seek integrated therapy for body, mind and heart.

Upon completion of the session, our clients express a sense of profound peace, relaxation. and connectedness

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At first I wasn't sure what the goal of these Karuna Sessions were, but after I completed them I realized the integral importance of touching within our biology. Never has my skin felt so awake. There's definitely a science to what these ladies are doing here, and I believe what they are on to could have curing powers for many people who are isolated from consistent social interactions. - SL, Programmer